All You Need to Know About Synthetic Urine

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You have probably heard people mention synthetic urine and wondered why anyone would want fake urine. The truth is that fake or synthetic urine is beneficial and especially in drug tests. One of the ways to test for the presence of drugs is by undergoing a urine test. If you are suspecting that your test might not come clean, you need to consider substituting your urine with synthetic urine.

With fake urine, you are guaranteed of passing the test. However, you need to make sure that you get the right quality of synthetic urine test. Here are some of the things that you need to know about synthetic urine:

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What Is Synthetic Urine?

Synthetic urine is a substance that imitates the characteristics of real urine. It has the chemical composition of urine, and it is ideal if you want to pass urine. If you’re going to pass a urine test, you need to make sure that your urine is free from drug traces. With synthetic urine, you have good chances of passing the test since it is free from any drug traces.

How Do You Keep the Urine Warm?

urineWe all know that urine from the body is usually warm. It is essential to make sure that by the time you are submitting the urine for testing, it is at the right temperature. The urine sample will look genuine if it is at the right temperature. There are several ways of keeping the urine warm.

You can heat it in the microwave, and it will stay warm for some way as you wait for the time to submit it. You can also use a heating pad and cover the bottle with it. This will keep the urine warm until the time when you will be required to take the test. For very small urine samples using your hands might be enough to keep the urine warm.

Before you submit the urine sample, make sure that you shake it to get the bubbles that you get from the normal urine.

How Does Synthetic Urine Look?

You can get the urine in liquid form packed in small bottles. On the other hand, you can get the urine in powder form, and you are supposed to mix it with water to achieve the urine consistency. The surest way to get positive results is to use liquid synthetic urine. You do not have to worry about mixing and measurements.